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Work@Home Requirements

Work@Home Requirements

The most important piece to have in place in order to work from home is good internet service. For call center agents this would be high speed cable or fiber optic service. The second is a good work space that is private.

In most cases, residential internet service is adequate. However, in some cases business class internet service may be necessary. If you would like to purchase faster service, this will enhance your W@H work experience. Be sure your internet service meets these minimum speed requirement of 50 mb download and 10 mb upload when connected to VPN.

Click here to test your internet speed.

Please Note:

  • The number of internet connections in your residence tied to your internet service will adversely affect bandwidth and your network speed. Streaming video or gaming services can have a significant impact on your network speed. 
  • It is recommended, if possible, that you use a multi-port modem/router in order to utilize the additional internet ports for your work pc and personal devices.
  • Satellite and dial-up services do not meet company Internet standards and will not be approved for use or supported by the various IT support teams. 
  • Mifi or "hot spots" are not permitted for regular home use and are not intended to be substitutes for true internet provider services. 
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Internet Requirements

What internet service do I need to work from home?

Elevance Health approves and recommends either cable or fiber optics connections for work from home use, as they provide the most reliable connections. 

Forms of connections not approved for work-from-home are: DSL, Line of Sight (i.e. Hotspots), Satellite, 4G or 5G (i.e. Verizon or T-Mobile services). 

If you don't currently meet Elevance Health standards, you can find providers in your area here

Do I need to be hard-wired to the internet?

While most of your work can happen over a wireless connection, you must have the capability to utilize a hard-wired network connection at times. Troubleshooting any issue will begin with making sure the PC is connected with a network cable to your modem/router. Also, inconsistencies with a wireless network connection may cause applications to work slowly and fail requiring a hard-wired connection.

Cable length for for a hard-wired connection should be 25 ft or less.

What is the recommended way to connect?

The best connection will always be an ethernet cable connected to your modem and having cable or fiber optic service.  If you have an ASUS router issued by Elevance Health – OPW Data Support, then your laptop needs to be connected to it.  

Can I connect to a Mesh network?

If you have a Mesh network in your home (wireless repeaters set up in various rooms), you need to make sure your ethernet cable is either connected directly to the modem or to a 1 GB router/switch connected to the modem.

What is the speed requirement for working from home?

Your Internet Service must meet the minimum speed speed requirement of 50 mb download and 10 mb upload when connected to VPN.

What are appropriate types of connection?

The internet signal needs to reach your home through a cable wire or fiber optic cabling and not a wireless tower signal.